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Sunday, August 9, 2009

9 Year Old Finds 6,000 Year Old Spear Point

Nine year old Alec Burchick, while out on a nature hike at the Starkey Wilderness Park came across something that caught his eye in the rocks.

"It was something different, so I picked it up"

He knew he had something special but had no idea hea had a 6,000 year old artifact.

He showed the spear point to Katie MacMillen the camp's rec leader who in turn showed it to Dr. Burton Golub a local dentis and amateur archaeologist.

After consulting with others at a artifact show at Saint Leo University they confirmed that the peice was a Newnan spear point and dates to the middle of the Archaic period. A time when humans who had been nomadic had started to settle into groups in Florida.

Keeping artifacts that are on public land is against the law so after a week of bragging to family and friends Alec will return the spear point to be displayed at the park's education center with credit going to Alec for finding it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Car Boot Sale Find Could BeTempler Relic

A dealer of antiques picked up what appears to be a 900 year old Knights Templar Artifact. Martin Roberts 13 pounds for a chest of draws and which he traded for the decorative piece. The artifact was found in the market town of Masham which has numerous connections to the Templars.

Roberts is hoping experts from Christie's can provide clues to what the piece actually is. Some experts think it could be a door from a Templar tabernacle, used to carry sacred items. Others think it could be a Orthodox church artifact dating from around 1,300 years ago.

Mr. Roberts who is from Leeds thinks the peice could shed new light on stories that the Templars brought the Holy Grail to North Yorkshire.